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Get insured with Pelotea to protect you from injuries and minimize the risk of having COVID transmissions within a league, team, or soccer academy. 

You may cancel your membership at any time.

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Insurance backed by 

The world's largest publicly traded property and liability insurer with operations in the US and other 53 countries.


A new safety standard for soccer

A necessary tool to reactivate a soccer team, academy, or league safely. Pelotea is a mobile application that provides you a comprehensive infrastructure so that you can return to the fields.

Beneficios adicionales

Immediate Protection

Exclusive insurance for soccer players that will protect you from injuries in training sessions and games at an accessible value.

Player Health Check

Health self-assessments for all players before each match or training to be able to play.

Infection Tracking

Pelotea identifies players who may have been exposed to infection and notifies management, thereby minimizing risk of transmission to rest of the team

Why should you subscribe PeloteaCare?

PeloteaCare is the ideal insurance protection for an amateur soccer player who plays with friends or is part of a league, team, or academy.


Cover all your matches, training sessions, and friendly matches

Getting injured from playing soccer is easy. On average, a player is injured at least once a year, and the cost to receive medical treatment is usually between $500 to $1,000. We hope not, but if you need it, Pelotea Care membership will back you up for any accident.


Benifits and Sponsorships

Access prizes and benefits from our partners by being affiliated with PeloteaCare.


Have a league or ready to join soccer tournaments?

Insure your players for $ 3.89 per player per year and get Pelotea's free platform to manage your teams, schedules, communications and more.


Everything you need in one App

Manage your teams and schedules of all upcoming games. Get statistics, alerts, and notifications from leagues. Perform health assessment, comminucate with team members, and more. Everything you need is here.

How PeloteaCare protects you in accidents 

Simple, easy, and transparent. Secure your protection in matches or trainings with a fixed monthly charge and receive the insurance claim in a week.


Pelotea App

Download Pelotea application in the App Store or Google Play Store and create your account.

Confirm your attendance at the event

Register your matches, training sessions, or friendly games. Events can be created by team, league or academy manager.

Reach your full potential

Play safely and obtain Pelotea care to avoid putting your health or finances at risk in the event of an accident.

Report your injury within a week

When an  accident happened in the events that you confirmed attedning through the App, report your injury and we will give you all the support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PeloteaCare membership work

Pelotea offers an annual membership for all users. You can join through the application or on this website by completing the membership payment via credit card or bank transfer. Your membership will be activated as soon as the fee is settled. You will receive an email confirmation with regard to the successful settlement. You can join individually or as a group (academy, league, or team). If you participate as a group, discounts will be applied. Please contac a Pelotea agent for further information.

What PeloteaCare covers?

PeloteaCare covers your injuries in the matches, training sessions, or friendly games registered in the Pelotea application. Please confirm your attendance at the event before requesting for the insurance claim.

How do I request for the insurance claim when I am injured?

Complete the following 3 steps to claim your insurance reimbursement:

  1. Report the injury on the Pelotea app within 5 days after the accident.
  2. Treat by any doctor or medical center of your preference nationwide and obtain the Chubb Claim Form duly signed by the doctor.
  3. Send the following documents to
    1. Prescription, original order of exams and x-rays
    2. Bills for all medical expenses incurred
    3. Copy of the insured's identity card
Pelotea will contact you to assist you in all the steps to make the claim and obtain the reimbursement within 3 to 7 days after sending all the documentation.

Do I need to go to a designated medical center to receive treatment?

You can be treated at any medical center or doctor that you want nationwide.

How long will it take to recieve insurance reimbursement?

The refund process will take 3 to 7 business days after all the required documents are submitted.

How much is the deductible and how does it affect my insurance coverage?

The Pelotea Care deductible is $25. You will need to pay the $25 deductible, and the insurance will cover the rest of the expenses until the medical expenses reach the limit of the coverage. For example, if your medical treatment costs are $ 1,000, you will receive $975 reimbursement ($ 1,000 less $ 25 deductible).

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